Our School’s Core Values

Education Par Excellence team members have transparency and integrity at the forefront of both thinking and actions.

Our teachers and students make the following commitments:

  • To commit wholeheartedly to OUR students in our care.
  • To actively put people first.
  • To lead by example.
  • To always act ethically and with integrity.
  • To demonstrate honesty and transparency in all our communications.
  • To actively construct and engage in dynamic teamwork and collaboration on all levels: personal, local, national and global.
  • To engage in both hard and smart work.
  • To build an environment where all team members contribute in outstanding ways.
  • To foster and maximise people’s talents far beyond individual’s expectations.

These commitments are made in order that all in our care engage in an outstanding educational environment which sees both staff and students achieve academically and thrive as principled people.